About CA.BEN

 Founded in Hongkong in the late 20th Century,CA.BEN Composites Material Co.,ltd has always been devoted to the prosperity of Chinese Composite Industry (C.F.R.P and G.R.P). We keep introducing advanced foreign high-tech-providing composite materials to domestic and overseas markets, such as carbon fiber cloth, glass fiber cloth and aramid fiber cloth, as well as high-quality products like glossy carbon fiber sheet, tube, rod.etc.  

     By seizing the development of global market, our company grows steadily, We (CA.BEN) own a weaving and prepreg factory in Taiwan, with more than 30 original Germany weaving machines and 3 prepreg manufacture lines located in an area of 20,000 square meters and Such a manufacturing power enables our technical advance. meanwhile. to expand our market, CA.BEN has set up a self-owend subsidiary in 2009, namely Guangzhou Caben Composites Material Co.,ltd. Also, a professional sales team with high-efficiency and sincere services is established for domestic and overseas partners and customers.

     Being specialized in high-quality composite weaving, CA.BEN  also develops and produces high-intensity composite fabric clothes for different needs, using the raw materials like carbon fiber fabrics, fiberglass fabric, kevlar fabrics, aramid fabrics, metal filaments and other fabrics. Most products can be prepreged to fulfill various customers' requirements. What's more, we make material selection and weaving design flexible. 

      In addition, carbon fiber panels and tubes' manufacturing and sales are also part of our business. Our smooth carbon fiber slab has always been top among the industry. Products are widely used in modified car making, racing yacht &oar, wind energy turbines, shoes making, sports equipment, plane parts, bicycle parts, speaker parts, 3C products parts, fishing tackles, architecture reinforcement and decoration. 

      We never stop our steps to make ourselves bigger. In 2014, KABOURNI, an energetic high-end brand came into the market, providing carbon fiber end products such as suitcase, card case, wallet, helmet, USB charger, racket, heating cushion, electric scooter and so on which are made by carbon fiber material. By using the new element to make traditional products, KABOURNI’s products show higher quality and durability. Through 2 years effort being put on building this brand, KABOURNI has become a well-known popular brand in China and abroad. We are now also supplying our finest OEM carbon fiber end products to all over the world. However, this is only our start, for we always aim the higher and pursue the better!

     CA.BEN Composites Co.,ltd values the business principle of  "Successive Innovation, Customer First, Integrity Business". We strive to introduce advanced foreign high-tech and high-quality products, and deliver fast-delivery and sincere after-sales service. We make our best efforts to improve the development and application of Chinese composites materials in high-tech industry.


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